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Advanced Applications for Process Optimizations

Mexican Company Dedicated to Business Development, Specialized Pedagogical Services for the Oil and Gas Industry, Sale of Software Applications for the Industry

Representation of Companies

Provide a local partner who knows the market and culture, to promote their products and services.

Marketing and sales

Marketing and Sale of Technological Products and Industrial Applications,

Services for Business-Industry Linkage

Market Studies and Potential Clients

Development of Business Plans in the LATAM Territory for the Main Companies.

Pedagogical Services

Specialized for the Hydrocarbons Industry, Elaboration of Competition Standards,

Other services

Implementation of Real Time Operational Data Monitoring Systems.


AAOP was founded in 2005. During these years, AAOP has represented several North American, Canadian and French companies and has sold its technological products and services to customers in Mexico and other countries of LATAM .
 The initial services offered to its customers AAOP were the Representation of Business and Services Marketing and Sales. 

Our values

Adaptation to change


Quality of service
Customer satisfaction
Dedicated to Planning Projects
Permanent update

Companies that we represent

American company based in Arizona that developed a technology called "Visual KPI". This technology allows monitoring operational data from different data sources, control systems or real-time data management systems, such as: PI, Wonderware, Infoplus, etc. The data is displayed as KPIs, operational alerts or as referenced data, on any smart mobile alerts.

CORYS, a French company based in Grenoble, is a world reference in dynamic training and engineering simulators.

CORYS combines the skills of physicists, ergonomics, trainers, software developers, graphic designers and modeling experts to create innovative training and engineering simulators to meet the operational requirements of our customers.

CORYS allows customers to optimize their training and engineering costs, improve the skills of their staff and improve their safety and operational efficiency.

CORYS has a worldwide presence through several subsidiaries around the world, including CORYS Inc., the subsidiary in the United States of America.

Main Customers


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